Djatanak Solid Shampoo Bar Set (x4)

A rainbow of colour with these 4 beautiful handmade shampoo bars- perfect if your hair has a changing mood!

Shampoo bars are growing in popularity and its easy to see why. Compact, great smelling and with more washes per bar than liquid shampoo, these bars are also great value for money.

This beautiful 4 pack has the following aromas-

Ginger – ginger extract helps to re-activate hair growth, olive oil and the added shea butter will nourish and smooth the hair

Mint Chamomilla РChamomilla extract has a balancing and soothing effect on the scalp; perfect for dandruff and itchy  skin.

Kelp- Rich kelp and angelica will repair hair, nourish hair and restore moisture. Great for dry, frizzy hair.

Cinnamomum Cassia sage, thyme and other ingredients strengthen the hair root and revitalize the scalp and hair.

This gorgeous little set is vegan friendly, handmade and is plastic free. Huzzah!




Djatanak Solid Shampoo Bar Set (x4)
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