Langbrett Washbag To Reduce Microplastics

*Drum roll* Presenting a wash bag that reduces microplastic shedding from reaching the sea- brilliant!

Reduce your plastic footprint even further with this nifty and generously sized wash bag. Made from a recyclable and fine mesh, this bag will catch microplastics off of your clothes as they shed during your regular washing cycle- perfect for every type of synthetic clothing items.

Do you have pets? This bag has the added bonus of trapping pet hair, so when you wash you kitty or pooches bedding, you won’t have to scrape it from the inside of your machine afterwards.

Safe to be used in a wash with all types of detergent, softeners and even bleach, there’s no need to worry about this bag being distorted in a warmer wash, as it can stand a 60° cycle with ease.

This bag is just genius, plastic free, reducing harmful microplastics and keeping your clothes soft and clean all at once- what’s not to get excited about?


Langbrett Washbag To Reduce Microplastics
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