About Us

Hi there and welcome to Soapnuts.org!

We are a husband and wife team who are concerned about the effect of single use plastics on the environment and want to help reduce the impact where ever possible.

When trying to reduce our single use plastic footprint, we explored many options of how we could do this in a cost effective way, without compromising quality. We came across soap nuts as an idea quite recently and we have both been amazed at how awesome this little guys are.

They are an organic detergent that grows on trees and have been used in India and China for centuries to wash clothes and other household linens. Each nuts shell contains a natural cleanser called saponin which is great at removing common stains and is even gentle enough to use on more delicate fabrics, such as silk and wools.

Soapnuts are also hypoallergenic, meaning that you can use them to wash baby clothes, to wash clothes for people with sensitive skin and they can be used for people who may have dermatitis or other inflammatory skin conditions. If you have a dog, cat or any other small furry animal, you can also use soap nuts to wash their bedding.

The best part is, when you have used them once, you can use them for at least 2 more washes! (See our ‘How to use’ section). When they are used up, you can chuck them on your compost heap or in your food waste bin- they are entirely compostable!
Also, even a 5kg bag can save you a lot of money on your washing.

It’s win win all around!

We have also made the swap from single use plastic products to reusable or plastic free in other areas of our life as well. We have found this both fun and extremely cost effective, so we have listed similar products throughout this website- everything from plastic free shampoo to reusable sanitary products!

We have even reviewed some of the products listed, so feel free to take a look!

We hope you join us in our efforts to try and help reduce plastic wherever possible.


My husband and I are vegan and have a beautiful wildlife garden with small pond, teaming with birds, mice, foxes and rats though it is a bit dormant in January! We buy most of our clothes second hand (to save on production) and collect plastics that we find in our local area, to either upcycle for garden projects or to send to companies such as LUSH for repurposing.

We also have a Jack Russell dog called Max who, very soon, will be starting a fully sustainable diet (we have to finish his current bag of food).